SINCE 1993

Friendly Pets was founded in 1993 and initially consisted of only one theme.  Later, as the company grew, a farm animals theme was introduced. All the animals, including Charlotte the Dexter cow lived happily in our garden.  In 2003 when I found Charlotte in my kitchen eating the dog’s food, I decided it wass time to open the party venue.  In 2011 I introduced the earthworm theme, which deals with recycling.  The schools are really excited about this theme as it is a very relevant issue in the world we live in today.

This is Friendly Pets 22nd year of operation. Over the years we visited hundreds of schools (including those with special needs) and interacted with thousands of children.  The joy that animals give to children and adults’ lives must never be under estimated.  Friendly Pets also visits special needs schools and children.

Schools also use Friendly Pets Farmyard for their outings and have a fun-filled morning out in the tranquil surroundings of the farmyard.

We have open days during the week when moms and children can spend an afternoon of playing and feeding the animals.

On weekends, children’s parties can be held at the farmyard.  Please make sure that you book in advance as the party venue is very busy.


Mirjam Seymour

By profession I am a high school teacher.   I also worked as a SPCA Educational Officer. After I married and started my family I felt that my three children needed more care and time so I retired from my full time job. I love teaching and children, so I decided to start Friendly Pets. By running my own business I now had best of both worlds, spending time with the children and do the work I love.

Friendly Pets will always strive to give the best service.  Come and enjoy our wonderful farmyard

And the other services available.